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?: Infrastructure Craftsmanship, DevOps and Open Source
@: Sydney, NSW, Australia


Justin "J" Robert William Lynn
Justin Lynn
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Sydney, NSW, Australia
+61 2 8188 4747
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
+61 3 9039 6217
SF Bay Area, CA, United States
+1 415 347 5879


Infrastructory, Inc., Founder, CEO, Principal Engineer -
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
( June, 2014Current )
  • Fly-in/fly-out on-site work as well as remote collaboration and production with long-term/short-term/hourly rates available
  • Cloud systems design, implementation and troubleshooting (AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Google Compute Engine, et al.)
  • Cloud security best practice and policy evaluation and implementation
  • Automation technology implementation (Opscode Chef, Hashicorp Terraform, et al.)
  • Bespoke software systems design, development and deployment (Ruby (Rails) and JavaScript (Node.js and Client-side) preferred, complex polyglot systems a specialty)
  • Software delivery systems analysis and troubleshooting (Source control methodology, Team workflows, Software delivery planning)
  • General systems administration and emergency on-call response duties
  • Particularly enjoy working with intimate cryptocurrency (bitcoin, et. al), cryptography, financial technology, healthcare and biotechnology teams working to solve big problems
Ripple Labs, Head of Tech. Operations -
San Francisco, CA
( October, 2013June, 2014 )
  • Developing and deploying best practices for production and development environments.
  • Building first class systems to help improve the flow of work inside and around Ripple Labs.
  • Designing and deploying systems and resources while enabling developers to own their product from end to end.
  • Managing resources and tasks with a team of equals.
Zendesk, Inc., Senior DevOps Engineer -
San Francisco, CA
( August, 2012November, 2012 )
  • Streamlining, evolving, building, and rebuilding : Elegant infrastructure emphasising real business value.
  • Fixing, repairing, and returning to operation : Broken systems, processes, and service delivery 24/7/365 by whatever means neccessary.
  • Enabling, bridging, communicating, and educating : Engineering and the wider business organisation with the software delivery system and interface that is Operations.
Votizen, Inc., Engineer -
San Francisco, CA
( March, 2012July, 2012 )
  • Deployment and management of many servers via script and chef, utilizing cloud providers as a direct substrate for implementation
  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining overall operational systems architecture, operational interface, and development environments
  • Guiding engineering technology focus on a project to project basis to ensure proper operational capacity and correct application architecture requirements from design through to production and maintenance
  • Being On-Call 24/7/365 in a maintenance and proactive response role to ensure operational continuity and access to critical infrastructure knowledge
3Crowd Technologies, Inc., Systems Engineer -
San Mateo, CA
( December, 2009March, 2012 )
  • Deploying and managing many servers utilizing both traditional and cloud oriented providers (for example, Amazon EC2) with the Chef platform configuration system from first light, through initial technology development, and into production and maintenance
  • Integrating, packaging, and deploying both third-party code and internal code, often modifying third-party code when needed to meet internal needs
  • Guiding engineering technology focus from first light to ensure proper operational capacity and correct application requirements and technology match through to production and continued development phases
  • Being On-Call 24/7/365 to ensure operational continuity
SocialMedia Inc., Operations and Systems Engineer -
San Francisco, CA
( January, 2009December, 2009 )
  • Maintaining and managing approximately 80 revenue generating servers in multiple datacenter locations
  • Deploying software services such as Apache, MySQL database clusters, and MemcacheD in a high availability configuration using load balancers and autorollover scripts where appropriate to ensure continuity of service
  • Pushing all configuration management into Chef to allow for rapid roll-out of new infrastructure
  • Converting existing data warehouse and statistical data store engines from an 4x2 MySQL cluster to an HBase and MapReduce based system for efficient real-time and historical analysis of new and existing data
  • Being On-Call 24/7/365 to ensure operational continuity
Wikia, Inc., Community Team Member -
San Francisco, CA
( October, 2007December, 2008 ) Intern from October to February 2007, then employee
  • Communicating with user community to ensure software meets community needs. When it did not, my responsibility was either modifying in place or submiting new specifications to product development and engineering groups
  • Data mining and information extraction from large amounts of plain text to gather statistics about user activity in order to focus attention on communities most in need
  • Debugging diverse third-party amateur JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and WikiMarkup to find and remove display and behavioral problems
  • Serving as operations liaison for user community and community team in order to keep user community informed during site outages when they occurred


Bachelors of Science
( 2006 ) incomplete
University of Iowa ,
Iowa City, Iowa
Major: Computer Science (Focus in Graphics and Network Computing)
Associates of Science
( 2003-2005 )